Northern Ireland Jewellers

Phew… after another busy week, Ellisons, Belfast and Cahoons, Cookstown have had to close their showrooms to the public in line with the new covid restrictions.

Naturally we will miss seeing you all and doing what we do best! However we understand the reasoning behind these sacrifices and hope that they play a part in combating the spread of the pandemic, thus saving lives in our community.

We have been humbled and very thankful for the support since returning from lockdown back in June and hope we can depend on seeing you all again when it is safe for us to do so.

Thanks also to our staff who continuously endeavour to serve you throughout these uncertain times – we look forward to getting the full team together again soon.

In the interim, please be aware that our online services will continue to be operational. We encourage you keep sending your enquiries; we will do our best to help with concerns, provide relevant info and facilitate mail orders as ⁣usual.

Keep Safe and Spread Love ❤️