Platinum Sapphire and Diamond Pear cluster ring

A sapphire is a precious gemstone that comes in a rich variety of colours. They are, however, most commonly known for their deep blue hues that most notably captivate the imagination.

In the ancient tradition of assigning specific gemstones to different months, commonly known as birthstones, Blue sapphires are the traditional birthstones for September. This legacy has made them a popular choice for jewellery gifts, be it for those born in this month or to celebrate a special wedding anniversary.

A list of birthstones has since been endorsed by esteemed organisations such as the American Gem Society whereby the sapphire is now widely recognised as the birthstone for September.

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At Ellisons Jewellers in Belfast, we proudly showcase this exquisite Platinum Sapphire and Diamond Pear Cluster Ring. This masterpiece sits amidst our splendid collection of captivating Diamond and Gemstone rings.

This strikingly elongated and vivid royal blue Sapphire boasts an impressive weight of 5.72 carats and originates from Ceylon. The precious gemstone has been enhanced through recrystallization diffusion, resulting in impeccable aesthetics.

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