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Emerald-cut Diamond Engagement Ring

One example of our elegant emerald cut engagement rings, sure to dazzle your future fiancĂ©e. The understated Emerald cut invites you to look into the strikingly clear depths of these stunning Diamonds You will find that emerald cut diamonds provide a profound clarity, reflecting any colour of light. Therefore, the emerald cut is a truly…

The Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

The timeless and understated beauty of The Solitaire Diamond ring makes it the ever-popular choice of Engagement Ring. The Diamond Quality is in centre focus and at Ellisons, Belfast & Cahoons, Cookstown, each individual Diamond has been handpicked for the stock, based on its aesthetics and physical appearance. The GIA Certification offered on the majority…

18ct Yellow Gold Phoenix Diamond Solitaire Halo

New this Month! The exclusive Phoenix cut Diamond in the perfect setting! The Diamond surround is set in white gold grain setting and contrasts effectively with the split, diamond set shoulders in yellow gold.