Rainbow Sapphire Jewellery - Ellison Jewellers in Belfast

In the midst of the stress and strife brought upon us by the COVID19 pandemic, we wish to show some colour and a symbol of hope with an elegant range of Rainbow Sapphire Jewellery. The spectral colours of the rainbow always cause us to stop and marvel at the beauty of life and nature. We think these Rainbow Jewellery items, offer a welcome distraction as well as a message of hope and therefore make an ideal gift for the year that we’re in.

More about our Rainbow Jewellery

Inspired by none other than the beauty of mother nature herself, the spectral colours of these Rainbow sapphires are undoubtedly eye-catching. As with a rainbow that may arise in the sky after rain or a storm, there is an element of unicity and magic to these items of jewellery. Featuring natural multi-colour Sapphires, the spectacle is both radiant and vibrant. What better way to showcase the beauty of life and spread a message of hope. With our collection of Rainbow Sapphire Jewellery, you are sure to find a unique and thoughtful gift for someone special.

What is a sapphire?

A sapphire is what is referred to as a ‘precious gemstone’. Similar to a ruby gemstone in that the base mineral is corundum. Corundum is simply the crystalline form of aluminium oxide that also contains small traces of iron, titanium, vanadium and chromium.

What colours does a sapphire occur in?

Normally blue, as in ‘sapphire blue’. However, there are variations and sapphires can also occur in yellow, purple, orange, and green. Rainbow sapphire jewellery is a common example of how different colours can occur.

What does a sapphire symbolise?

There are many interpretations of the symbolism attached to sapphires. According to some sources, the sapphire represents wisdom and virtue. Other sources would attribute the sapphire to prosperity or good fortune. In the context of a sapphire engagement ring or sapphire eternity ring, it is said that the sapphire stone represents sincerity and faithfulness.

Why choose Ellisons Jewellers in Belfast?

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