The timeless and understated beauty of The Solitaire Diamond ring makes it the ever-popular choice of Engagement Ring.

The Diamond Quality is in centre focus and at Ellisons, Belfast & Cahoons, Cookstown, each individual Diamond has been handpicked for the stock, based on its aesthetics and physical appearance.

The GIA Certification offered on the majority of our Solitaire Diamonds offers an optimum level of Quality Assurance. However, we always recommend viewing the stones and seeing for real how all the characteristics outlined on a Diamond Report come together to influence its physical appearance.

Have a look at the second photo, paying particular attention to the consistent starburst pattern of arrows radiating in perfect symmetry from the centre of the Diamond. Not every “Excellent” cut Diamond display these patterns – it is sometimes referred to as the “super ideal” and is the hallmark of maximum fire and brilliance.

For Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings or any type of Engagement Rings, we have a fantastic selection. Make an appointment today with Ellisons, leading Jewellers in Belfast or Cahoons Jewellers in Cookstown, to come and see our Diamonds for real. We are here to help!